Space Siege

Space Siege

Diablo-style action game set in outer space


  • Great graphics
  • Easy game controls
  • Dark, mysterious atmosphere


  • Your finger will soon get tired of pressing the mouse button to kill enemies


We're in the 22nd century and the human race is in trouble. This is the main setting of Space Siege, an interesting mixture between RPG and action games.

Space Siege creates a dark, oppressive atmosphere inside the last surviving spaceship after the massacre that wiped out the Earth. You're the only one capable of confronting and defeating the Kerak, the invading alien race. For this reason you'll be assigned several different missions in Space Siege, in which you'll have to explore unknown areas, collect mechanical parts and kill loads and loads of enemies.

The graphics in Space Siege are excellent, especially as regards light and shadow effects. The space environment somehow reminds me of the Alien series: a gloomy spaceship full of dangerous creatures in which you need to explore in constant tension.

As for gameplay, Space Siege is played very much like role-playing adventures: you use the mouse for everything (moving, killing, interacting with objects…) and use keyboard to change perspective. It's somewhat hard to get used to it, especially if you come from action games, but the worst is definitely having to repeatedly click on an enemy in order to kill it.

Space Siege is an original and attractive mixture of action and RPG elements, set in a gloomy space atmosphere.

Space Siege


Space Siege

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